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Mortgage Fundamentals

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Mortgage Fundamentals provides new mortgage professionals with comprehensive industry education in a self-paced format that is engaging, informative and effective.  Mortgage Fundamentals is the new standard for introductory mortgage education.

The Mortgage Fundamentals program is specifically designed for successful career entry.  With a strong orientation towards purchase market originations, aspiring loan officers will learn and apply the concepts necessary to accurately prequalify borrowers and take a loan from beginning to end.  In addition, they will learn the mechanics of originating loans from analyzing a credit report, to calculating payments and closing costs. 

Beyond the mechanics, students receive the fundamentals of mortgage loan program guidelines, how to take a complete loan application and how to document each loan file.

Interactive learning modules demonstrate how to provide effective customer service and successfully market and sell and wide variety of mortgage products.  Students will develop the knowledge necessary to understand how each customer’s unique financial situation impacts their mortgage qualification, and how to advise customers on the best loan program for their needs.

Loaded with 40 hours of mortgage industry education, the course is broken down into 22 lessons with 40 hours of information and instructional videos.  Quizzes at the end of each lesson and a comprehensive final exam ensure that the material has been absorbed and is understood. 

The program provides  a working knowledge of: 

    • The mortgage industry and role of mortgage originator.
    • The requirements for licensure as a mortgage originator.
    • The components and calculations of a mortgage payment.
    • The flow of a loan file from prequalification through post-closing.
    • Calculations and guidelines for borrower pre-qualification.
    • Mechanics and underwriting guidelines for conventional loans.
    • Mechanics and underwriting guidelines for FHA government loans.
    • Mechanics and underwriting guidelines for VA guaranteed loans.
    • Overview of other common loan programs, including USDA, Reverse Mortgages, and Non-Traditional Mortgages
    • Federal lending laws as they pertain to mortgage financing.
    • Analyzing and interpreting a tri-merge credit report.
    • Mathematical calculations related to mortgage financing.
    • Completing a Uniform Residential Loan Application.
    • Loan file documentation requirements.
    • Understanding the needs of a specific borrower; recommending the appropriate loan program.
    • Calculating borrower closing costs; regulated disclosures.
    • Reviewing appraisal reports; and
    • Completing the Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure.
    • Sales Development and Professionalism

*This is not an NMLS approved course and is not required for licensure as an MLO. For anyone new to the industry, Mortgage Fundamentals is a great prerequisite to the 20 hour SAFE Pre Licensing course!

Not Your Typical Training - This is the Real Deal!

I will be showing your website to management and I think it’s good, period! For any new people in the industry, not just loan officers. Excellent job! I wish you could put this in front of every company! You've done the best job I’ve seen - bar none. This is not typical training - this actually is the real deal.


New MLO Appreciates That Mortgage Fundamentals is Designed to Teach More Than How to Pass a Test

I was brand new to the industry. The content of this course really helped me understand the material from the SAFE Act course. I wish I had taken this course before I took the 20-hour SAFE Act course! This class really provided a great base of information that made the 20 hours easier to understand and helped me pass the test. But what I found even more beneficial was that it isn’t a class that is designed just to help you pass a test – it is designed to teach you how to do your job!

Veteran Originator and Sales Manager Discusses the Benefit of Mortgage Fundamentals

I would’ve loved this when I first started as a mortgage broker in 2001. It was great for me as I just got back into the industry after a 7-year hiatus and am learning different products that I didn’t have in my tool belt previously. For an individual just getting into the industry or relatively new and looking forward in their career, I see huge value in this program. I found myself thinking [as a seasoned originator] that if a company gave this type of training to new originators or those that were relatively new to the industry, they would have the sense that the company cares about their future and was investing in them as an individual and supporting them in a career.

Regional Sales Manager Trains New MLOs with Mortgage Fundamentals

Having been in the mortgage industry since 1993, working my way up from a rookie loan officer, branch manager, trainer, sales manager and regional sales manager, one of the biggest challenges is growing new rookie loan officers. There are so many good things about bringing people into the industry, on your platform, into your culture that is beneficial to the individual as well as the company. There are not that many “top shelf” recruits looking for work but there are a number of top producing loan officers in other careers that just need the invitation and the nurturing to be a top producer. One of my new originators just completed this course and I could not be more pleased with the results. The material kept him engaged through several different learning methodologies – videos, games, quizzes – and the content was second to none. I have not seen a more comprehensive training program that imparts, not only the fundamentals of the industry, but also the mechanics of how to be a loan officer and work effectively within your office, ethical behavior and a structure for how to set yourself up from day one to build a network of business. Today, the stakes are too high to not properly train your personnel. This is a fantastic introduction to the industry that I know will reap dividends for my business.


Branch Manager Trains all New Hires with Mortgage Fundamentals

There has been such a need for this type of introductory training for a long time.  I have been growing my branch by recruiting dynamite sales people from other industries.  Mortgage Fundamentals has taught them how to actually write loans and made it easier for them to understand the 20 hour course.  Every single one of them passed their licensing exam the first time out. 

. This is not typical training - this actually is the real deal.