Originating USDA Rural Development Loans This course covers the basics of Originating USDA Rural Development Loans.. Product #: 2020 usda Regular price: $129.00 $129.00

Originating USDA Rural Development Loans

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The basic objective of the USDA Rural Development Guaranteed Loan is to assist eligible households in obtaining adequate but modest, decent, safe, and sanitary dwellings for their own use in rural areas.  USDA guaranteed loans are underwritten by approved lenders according to the standards and guidelines of the USDA Guaranteed Rural Housing loan program.

At the completion of this course you will have developed an understanding of:

  • USDA Rural Development Guaranteed Loans
  • Eligibility of borrowers, income and property
  • Income, Assets and Credit for USDA borrowers
  • USDA Automated Underwriting
  • Compensating Factors
  • USDA Waivers
  • USDA Appraisals